Saturday, July 31, 2010

Harvesting in the garden today...........

And the "lawn guy" killing some weeds.

What a beautiful HOT Saturday morning....... The garden is finally not slime to try to walk in after the rain earlier this week.... So it was time to pick !! And pick we did !!

WOW ! I am just amazed at how things are growing...and we have vegetables to eat !!! .....We are talking about our garden for next year already.

So we picked our cabbage....cauliflower.......cucumbers......beets - they are still little yet.. And tons of beans and peas !! The radishes are done so we pulled those out.....gave more room for cukes and melons.

Our celery plants are just beautiful and taste so good...... and now I read about how challenging it is to grow. So guess we got lucky !!
Sorry to go on and on about the garden and the veggies......LOL....... I have not grown anything in a garden for many years....and it is just so fun to watch it grow and get to eat it !!


  1. Oooo the veggies look sooooo goooood!!! The neighbors will be sharing soon....I do cookies they do veggies :0)


  2. Oh how I miss those garden fresh veggies. My dad has a huge garden, but only the radishes were ready when I was there, which is about the only thing in the whole garden that I don't really care for!

  3. WOW WOW WOW!!! Claudia you have me speachless and drooling! You certainly can grow some veggies!

    Oh and by the way that pattern you bought down a few postings just to let you know I like all 3 of those dresses. lol

    Take Care :)

  4. Claudia, you are such a 'Martha'! You can do it all--garden, quilt, sew, cook, bake, you name it! And you take great care of your pets--just like Martha. I wish I had some of your talent!