Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 30..........Tuesday

Finally some nice weather !   The snow is gone from our yard here at home........but a different story in lake country.
 We took a trip to the cabin last Saturday and this is what we found.
Just a little drift to walk through to get in the yard.  You can see behind him that the neighbors yard has LOTS of snow.
Looking down the shore you can see that there is NO water showing.Last year at this time we had been at the lake for a month - and had warm weather the middle of March. 
 So this year.......opening fishing is May 11 in Minnesota......I am thinking they are not going to have much open water to fish in.
So the dock and lifts will have to wait a bit........
Had my computer in the shop for a few days.......it is all fixed now.  BUT I went to use my IM......and they have changed stuff......ugh.........I don't like it when they mess with stuff !!!  Now I have to wait and get someone to help me find my IM friends.  Don't they know I need to have my IM to have coffee in the mornings with my friends ???? 
Guess I will get ready for work and see what the day brings.
Have a good one !

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Rollie has been to the hospital

On Tuesday, April 9, Rollie went to the hospital to have that little lump removed....so we have a few days of recovery now.  He doesn't like wearing the cone - thinks he can't walk around with it on...so when you put it on him - he just lays down.  Poor guy - he can't get into his kennel with the cone on either.....so we had to let him sleep on the floor.
Not sure how this is going to work with us both going to work.......and he is left home with his cone on.  We will see how it goes.

Snow and blizzard conditions not too far south of us.......this winter is hanging on and on.  Now they are saying more snow tomorrow in Ottertail County in MN.....so that means longer till spring at the lake cabin.  I hope this doesn't mean a very short summer....if we blink it will be fall and winter again.  Something should change here soon........don't you think ?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April 2 - still no spring

Still no spring for us here in eastern North Dakota........they are talking floods again.  I really didn't expect that we would have water troubles this year, but the last 2 big snowfalls left us with too much snow this late in the year.  Our temps have been really cold......and that is a good thing......makes for a slower melt.....but this late in the year.....is....... once the temps warm.....it will all melt at once.
Our Harwood flood meeting is tomorrow night - so I am interested in what they have to say.

So.....I will post updates on the coming water.

This is a table topper I made for the quilt shop.  It is for our Spring Shop Hop.  Each shop is giving away patterns and this is all 5 patterns made up in a table topper.  We also have examples of the 5 blocks made in different styles of table runner.  Going to be fun to see them all hanging on the wall.  (And hear people's comments)......Quilters have definite opinions of what they like.....and what they don't like.  LOL.
Well, it is time to get ready and take Rollie to the vet.  He has a bump on his cheek.....and they are going to remove it next Tuesday.  Today they do the "pre-op" blood test.  For now they are calling it a tumor of some kind, we won't know what it is until the pathology report comes back.
Poor yellow dog........I hate to think of him having to go through surgery.  And he will have to wear a cone on his head.......THAT is going to be fun trying to keep that on him.
I hope you are having a good day !!!