Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Trails...............

What a great day for a ride !!!

Marlene riding Bart
Claudia riding Faren

Our instructor - Katie, and my girlfriend Marlene

Cooper - the running dog.

Wednesday was our 3rd and final riding lesson.....Our instructor told us that she was no longer able to give lessons from that stable. We saddled up and rode down the road and along the Wild Rice River... It was a great day....sunny blue sky...and enough wind to keep most of the flies off the horses. Cooper the pointer dog ran along with us......scouting out the ditches and finding the white-tail deer was his high point of the afternoon. After chasing the deer back into the woods Cooper came back and went along with us. Even though we only got in 3 riding lessons we both learned alot and now we can cross that off our "bucket-list".... Not sure what we will try next.

Today was HOT ~!~ 94 was the highest temp I saw on TV. Good thing we had a wind....or we would have baked ! I did get the back yard mowed......and now Jeff is mowing the front and weed-whacking.

4th of July weekend already !!! This summer is going by too fast ! I hope everyone is gearing up for a safe and fun weekend !!! Sounds like the weather in this part of the country is going to be HOT.....and of course a chance of a thunder-storm tossed in. Guess I better decide on the menu for the weekend........always a great time to eat all those good- grilled foods that we enjoy
Stay safe and have a great weekend !
Claudia in North Dakota


  1. Grrrrrr I had a long comment and then it went to some kind of error. So I'll try again if I can remember everything.

    Hey, You two look as if you have been riding for years. Sad that your instructor isn't able to give you more lessons but maybe she will find another stable to give lessons from and call you.

    We have been a bit cooler here for the past couple of days. The high humidity has broke for now and we need to enjoy every day that we get.

    A bucket list???? Now there is something to post. Wondering minds want to know what is on your bucket list???? I loved that movie and thought at the time of making a list up hmmmm... maybe it's time. Life is too short!

    Love the pictures! Take Care :)

  2. Oh how fun!! I wish I was with you :0) I don't even have a bucket list, my only dream is to never have to work again LOL.