Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wonderful Weather Wednesday

I am at a loss as to what to blog about. I am old now ya know !...LOL. The weather has been good this week..getting hotter each day...working up to the 4th of July weekend. I hope we all have good weather for whatever you will be doing.
And those in Canada... Happy Canada Day on July 1 !
I will go out and water the garden this morning...and check and see how much it has grown in the last few hours. We have been eating radishes from the garden....they sure are good.

Riding lessons again today.....we will probably ride outside...that is a big step for us! I will put my camera in my purse NOW.

I took pictures of the rail cars yesterday..... the artwork you see on the cars is really something...but why don't they channel this ability somewhere besides "graffiti".... Do you see this in other parts of the country ?

Hope everyone has a great day !~ Time to get busy!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Good Night from the birthday girl........

The picture is a card I got ! that is not me...nor my cat.....LOL
Today was a good birthday !! Sunny blue skies, not too hot.... Breakfast out with my hubby.... an afternoon nap........Dinner out with the same hubby.....LOL

Stopped by Grandson's baseball game....but I could not see the field- the sun was too bright..and it got chilly out there.... So we didn't stay till the end.

I got so many fun birthday wishes from friends and family.... !!! It was fun to read them all.

Now I guess I better put the dogs to bed and call it a day........

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A couple more pictures from the garden

There are lots of pretty flowers growing in the garden too !

How does your garden grow ?

After the hard rain last night I was afraid it might have flattened our garden....but all is fine.
It is growing like crazy...I have some more radishes to eat ! So I thought I better take some pictures and get them on here.
My neighbor has done lots of weeding in the garden...... Every time I go out there the mosquitoes know I am there ! So I am in charge of watering... which has been easy when the skies open up and water just enough.
So please take a stroll through the garden.....and enjoy.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Dog day afternoon

Sunny humid day !! Too muggy to be outside..... might get some thunderstorms later......sure glad we got the grass cut and some weeding done yesterday. stay home or go to the lake....that is the question of the day.

I am into a couple projects here at home......
Have a great weekend everyone !!!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This is a catch up post

Ok.....we have to back up to the weekend at the lake....... Hubby got strawberries.....BIG strawberries ! And he made "Strawberry Shortcake"/

He mixed up the shortcake and baked them...... These strawberries were HUGE.....

Sunday night there was a beautiful sunset............

Then my regular Sunday night coffee time with my BFF was postponed till Monday might......and we opted for a HOT FUDGE SHAKE at Dairy Queen.

Today was a busy day...... and would you believe I forgot my camera AGAIN when we went for riding lessons.... We had a great lesson.....and our instructor said next week we might get to ride outside!
We will see what the morning brings..............good night!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Anniversary Jeff !

Today is our 26th wedding anniversary - seems like yesterday ! Looks like today will be a hot humid day - just like that day 26 years ago. My dress was sewed by a sweet lady, Jenny's dress came from a regular store, our invitations I ordered from a magazine, the cake came from the grocery bakery - we splurged and had a dance....I think the band was about $200.00 Doesn't have to cost a fortune to make it the most special day of our lives.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday at the lake

Sunset on the lake...........

Jeff and his lap dog.

This morning started out very windy, cool and cloudy. NOT good lake weather.....but about noon it started to clear and warm up...and was just beautiful by mid-afternoon !! Daughter Jennifer and I went to Perham and she willingly went to Bay Window Quilt Shop with me. I was very good - just got some sock monkey fabric for new pillowcases for the boys....Shhh don't tell them.
Then off to the Pickle Factory for and early supper.......Ahhhhhhh "Deep Fried Mushrooms".....yum, yum. And a bacon cheeseburger to "fill in around the corners"......LOL....(that is what this waiter always used to say - years ago)......sounded so dorky ! I can't believe I just said that !!!...

Jennifer came to our cabin today to stay over.....and be here for Father's Day...... It has been many years since the 3 of us have spent a couple days together..... the boys are off on vacation with their dad. Weather is supposed to be great tomorrow so.......grilled chicken and potato packets. And don't forget a pontoon ride !!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hot Summer Night !

Nice summer day !! I took hubby to the dentist this morning to get a tooth pulled........he did very well !! The picture is the instructions they send you home with.......Notice the "DO NOT GO SHOPPING" instructions......I have been chuckling all day.... Have you ever seen anything like that before?... so..... I am getting that shopping after dentistry is dangerous?.....Maybe you can help me out if you know the answer...

This afternoon my girlfriend and I went to our first riding lesson....horseback riding lessons. And I am so sad......I forgot my camera. I will get some pictures next week.

Still holding out hope that the mosquito sprayers will come by yet tonight...... those buggers are crazy out there !

Off to the Minnesota Quilt Show tomorrow........I will try to be good.....and not shop all day !!..

Monday, June 14, 2010

Flag Day

Today is Flag Day......... What a beautiful site to see the American Flag waving in the breeze against the blue summer sky. The weather man is saying more showers.... I hope not ! We need a break. I should be out planting some grass seed....might as it can rain on it. LOL

I am trying to catch up on my blog reading ........ I have a long list of blogs that I read....and I know there are more out there that I would LOVE to read....but how many is too many ??

Any thoughts on that ??...

Shhhhh the dogs are having their afternoon naps.....I would love to have a nap too ! - but I better keep going on my projects.

Have a wonderful day !

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Thank you for reading my blog !

Chalkware that I found in my Grandmother's things.
Fabric in the washer......

more fabric to wash..... My Grandmother made "covers" and "shelf liners" and "dressed" every thing she had......LOL.....these were some of those special coverings.

Items that were in the can.....

and the rest of the items.

I am still learning about this world of blogging ! I have not answered each of you personally for commenting on my posts...but please know that I read every comment...and I certainly appreciate your comments and you reading my blog !!

I have missed a few days so I need to catch up a bit.... Been busy I guess !!

I did get the garbage can empty and went through things and now I have them packed up again in a tub... which I will put a label on so I know what is in there.

It was fun to unwrap my Grandmother's things....I know the year in which they were wrapped ..... I am ashamed to tell you... oh what the heck. She packed those in 1971 and they sat in the garage till I brought that can in. I tore that garage down last year. There were nick-knacks and some little embroidered dresser scarfs, fancy dishes and some not so fancy dishes and fabric and fabric you know I had to wash up the fabric and see if it is salvageable and then maybe I can make something out of it !!.....Those of you who are quilters will understand that.....the rest of you will think I am NUTS. LOL.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rain again !

Pretty peony bush.

The good thing about the rain is I don't have to water the garden. LOL. Things are coming up !! Beans, radish, beets, peas, corn, melons, is so fun to watch them pop up through the dirt - and also a few weeds come popping up too ! we are beginning the task of weeding.

I had company yesterday from Missouri, Washington and Oregon. It was a very nice day...the sun was shining.... and we all had a good visit. Today it is looking like rain all glad we had our day together yesterday.

I am about to dig into a large garbage can that is packed with some of my Grandmother's things.......this has been packed a long time.....and I have no idea what is in there.....So it will be very interesting to see what is packed in there. I will let you know what I find.

..... So many layers of our lives and the lives of others..... What do you find as you sift through your layers?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunny Sunday Evening ........

Well, it was a tough weekend for our Metro Grizzly's.....they played hard, but got beat......those Canadian teams are tough !! They must put skates on their kids before they can walk !!....LOL But they played and that is a good thing. Cayden got one assist - it was a great play and Cayden made a great pass to his teammate who scored that goal ~~ !!......So we cheer the good parts and encourage them all to keep going !! Grandpa Jeff ( guy on the far left of the bench running the door) was asked to help out...and that is his favorite place to be - in the box with the guys (he loves to coach)....LOL
Great day for a "bike ride".....there was a motorcycle ride today and our "Harwood Hideout" was one of their "water stops" there must have been over 100 bikes over there......NOT near the group that came last year.... but a couple pics of a few of the bikes...
Off to unload my is full of dd's things... and I need to get the carpet cleaner and the two-wheeler from her....always hauling things back and forth.....LOL

Have a good evening !!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Come see my garden ~ !

Remember how it looked before........

The flower pot herb garden........

The center of the garden.....with our gold cat who guards the garden.

Remember how my garden looked at first ~ After much hard work and raking dirt.....and dear neighbor was a "gardening crazy lady"....LOL.... She did so much work out there...planting and mulching.... I water every morning !!
Now if everything grows !!!.....We will have more veggies than we will know what to do with ~!!
So far so good...the bunnies have not been having supper at our garden.
Off to hockey today.......Yes, it is JUNE.....and YES we have hockey games all weekend. LOL
This is the "Pepsi Cup Tournament".... Goooooooooooooo Grizzlies !!
Have a great weekend everyone ~!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Busy Thursday......

Couldn't find too much to take pics of we have the Barn Swallow nest and them trying to chase me away from it.

I am out picking rocks.......our LAB is just awful at eating rocks.....he picks them up and rolls them around in his mouth.......BUT he swallows some....too many I am afraid. They are all around the back the only way to get rid of to pick them up ~! This could take me all day !!! Also need to cut the grass......seems the weather man is predicting rain for the the rest of the week...So I better get the tractor out !!.....And get busy !!