Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday July 31, 2011

These are the baby barn swallows a couple weeks ago.....they are ready to test their flying abilities........I think there was six of them in that tiny nest.

A pair of Barn Swallows have built their nest on my back door light for the past couple years. They are not the cleanest birds - but after chasing them off my front door - I just don't have the heart to tear down their nest when they start building on the back light. Anyway.......these birds started flying and would come back to the nest at night.

Oops, looks like I posted the same picture twice...oh well, just ignore that. LOL

After a few days the babies and the parents quit coming back to the nest.....they must have found new spots to roost. the nest sat empty a few days.......THEN......a couple of sparrows stopped by to check out the empty nest........and soon.......they started "hauling in renovations"!

After a few days it looks like this.........

They don't have the same "glue" as the barn some of their additions fall off. But they seem to like the way their re-model turned out........I think they have a nest of eggs in it.

I heard from Jeff and T-Man. They made it safely to Beijing China......and so begins their wonderful adventure.
I am checking out the weather forecast.......they are talking more thunderstorms in our area tonight and tomorrow. I am really tired of thunderstorms and red-alert calls in the middle of the night....but is a good system to have.

Now it is back to the sewing room......... I should have some "sewing pictures" one day soon !!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Another Monday........July 25

Hello Friends,
Just a quick note today.......starting another busy week. I don't have many flowers this time of year.....most of my flowers are done blooming. I need to get some more flowers that bloom all summer.... it is on my list of things to do.

What has everyone been doing the last few weeks ?? Love to get email from you telling me how your summer is going. We sure had a HOT spell for about 7 days.....that was a bit TOO hot. Now that heat is out east. Today looks to be quite warm so the AC will be running again today. I can hardly wait to get the next electric bill ! is going to be a doozy.

The dogs are so happy it has cooled off a bit.....poor things would go out, pee, and come back. They didn't want to stay out in the oven either.

Our old Momma, Momma cat wasn't feeling good there for a few she is on meds. She seems to be doing better - but we will see when the meds are done. She is about 17 or 18 years old - as close as we can tell. All my cats are getting old.

Pretty blue skies are so nice to see......instead of black rain clouds. We have had enough rain to last awhile......our rivers are still too we are hoping they go WAY down before fall and cold temps get here.

I will have to venture out and take some pictures of "our" garden, that my neighbor is doing this year........she has been working out there and doing a great job, but things are not growing as fast and as nice as they did last year. I have been busy, and then the mosquitoes get I have not done much out there. She is a sweetie for sharing the beans and things from the garden. That will be my project to take some pics of the garden tomorrow.

I better get ready for work......Got the binding on a quilt !! Yeah !!! Now I only have about a million things left on my UFO list !! Ha Ha.

Have a good day.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

*** Red Alert **** - Phone call at 3:30am

Well, that was the second time in the last few days that we got our RED ALERT weather call.
Today it was at 3:30am. So...I have finished one pot of coffee now by 5:20am. This one had some nasty lightning and thunder and pouring rain....we were under a tornado warning. I could feel the air pressure change as I was sitting at the that made me a bit nervous.
Now it has passed over us and I can see the backside of the storm and watching the lightning is quite a show.
I have a few pictures on my camera, but have not put them on the computer yet.....I will put up some pictures if there is anything good on there.
Today is ANOTHER day of "excessive heat" they call it. Temps here have been unreal.......we are not used to THAT hot a weather for more than a day or two at a time. The heat started last Friday and has been miserable ever since.....but then of course we wish for that heat in the dead of winter when the temp is -30 !! Just no happy medium. LOL
So for today......with the heat index going into the 100-teens........seems like a good day to stay inside in the AC and sew !
I have some projects to get now at 5:30am......guess I will make another pot of coffee and get busy !!
Have a wonderful day where ever you are !.....................

Saturday, July 9, 2011

....back to the 4th of July

I forgot I had pictures of the boat parade on our lake..........Every year there is a parade. We sat on the dock and watched them go by this year. There were some pretty good boats this year......

Had a few tubers going by.............

Then there was the "Redneck Yacht Club"........they had 2 pontoons tethered together....and I think they were a bit over the legal limit !......on both the people count and the alcohol count..LOL

I just can't believe my week is over tomorrow......I could stay here all summer and NEVER go back to the city for anything. I almost asked for another week off.......but I suppose it is time to get back to reality......and now I have to play catch-up at home on all the stuff that didn't get done there.....someday I will only have one house to take care of.........and I know what I want the view to be out my front window.........
I have a few more weekend pictures that I will be putting on here in the next few days.

So long for now........

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday.......July 6

My grandson brought me these beautiful water lily flowers the other day...... He is such a sweet boy...

this is the "floaty thing"..... We found this at Sam's Club and we just HAD to have it for the is a bit bigger than we thought it was......good thing we had a electric pump to fill it up... it would have taken a lot of puffing to blow it up !! we have it full of we have to get it down to the water.

Ahhhhhhhh just what you need on a beautiful summer day.

it is very comfortable !!!......and fun to just sit there....

Great place to "have a cool one"......(it even has coolers on board) So.....this is a fun way to pass the lazy lake days of summer.......

I did take some pictures of the 4th of July boat parade.....will have to try to show those next time.

Enjoy your summer what ever you are doing......... ~

Saturday, July 2, 2011

It's my BIRTHDAY !!! I am 3 years old today.

Hi, Rollie here ........and today is my birthday !!! I am 3 years old today. I was born near here and I had 11 brothers and sisters. - Not sure how my people mom picked me out of that mess of puppies. I was a birthday gift for Jeff ( my people dad) Right now dad is fixing the dock and I can hardly wait till I can run and jump in the water !!! I love to fetch my floaty thing out of the water. I am a swimming dog !!
Later my brother, Gus and two of my dog friends are coming, Cotton and Jali and maybe Charlie from next door will come over and we will get treats.

I have to get back to "chipper patrol" and Mom wants her computer back now...... I just had to tell you about my birthday !!!

I am a happy boy today !!!......


Now I got my computer back.....silly boy that Rollie......He is such a happy boy !!

This is a picture of my fish quilt. It will be on display for awhile at the quilt shop. I LOVE fish fabric and this one is really nice. It was a fun quilt to make.

Guess I better get back to will be here soon.....and I should think about making some food for later.

Have a wonderful weekend !!