Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Blizzard

We are having a blizzard now ! After a weekend of rain and slush...not it is freezing and we are getting more blowing snow with very strong winds. Schools all over are closed and they are advising no travel. So it is a good day to stay home and make soup and sew. Even many of the businesses are closed.
Nothing exciting to write about today.... If anything noteworthy happens......LOL..... I will add another post.

Stay in and stay warm....that is the word for today.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Another Thursday

Another Thursday !... I spent last weekend at the quilting retreat - and we had a wonderful time!... I even got some sewing done !! Still working on a BOM (block of the month) that a girlfriend and I have vowed to finish this year. We are now on block #7. Working on my UFO list will keep me busy this I am not promising to finish all the UFOs on the list....but saying that I am going to work on them. It is also ok to add projects to the list as we go thru the year. it keeps growing. Now mind you, there are some quilters that have NO UFO list- they are so disciplined that they actally finish each project before they start another ! Can you believe that ~!

And here in North Dakota we are awaiting another "snow event".....they are calling it a snowstorm...with possible freezing rain and snow......I don't want anymore snow ! That is going to interfere with the hockey games this weekend. Don't mess with my hockey games!

So it goes........ I might be spending the weekend inside sewing.
Have a great day!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I like Thursdays

I like Thursdays - they are the end of most of the week and on Thursdays you can think about Friday. So today I have been busy since I woke up - even tho I slept in today. I have been clearing out and putting stuff away, gathering things to throw away... and things do look better - in places anyway. LOL
Today I am also planning on what projects to take to the " Quilting Retreat" this weekend. This will be the second time we have done this - one of our quilting friends has this big wonderful farm house and she has invited us to come spend the weekend... it is just like a bed and breakfast. We each have our own bedroom (so my snoring doesn't bother anyone)...and there are no rules or schedules......we just sew and eat and do up the dishes. Each of us signs up for a meal and we bring the food and prep the food and serve it... it works out so well......and of course we drink coffee and a couple beers....and maybe a couple bottles of wine..! Wine and sewing go so well together !! We started this quilting group when all of our kids were quite we talk about "Grandchildren"....most of our kids are grown and off to college or married... I just can't believe that the years have gone by so fast.
Now we have a bit more time to spend on ourselves so a quilting get-together is just the best. We spend the days laughing and catching up....shed a few tears along the way and go home so satisfied and filled with friendship.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year !

Happy New Year ! - a few days late. This nursing duty takes up LOTS of time. But Jeff is getting better every day. Today we have a couple Dr. appts. First one done and the next in a couple hours.
And just as we are getting some snow piles hauled off the lots and streets they are predicting another snow "event" coming tomorrow. We could get another 5+ inches. Something I am not looking forward to.
I have to get on schedule with my de-cluttering. Have been watching "Hoarders" on TV - wow...those are some extreme cases. I know they exsist and I just pray that I will never become one of those. I really like my stuff...... and I like stuff around me.... but I wish I had less... and the only way I am going to get there is to get rid of stuff !.. Jeff said the other day - "Lets get rid of all our stuff and buy a place on the beach." Not a bad idea.....something to work for. (well, not get rid of ALL my stuff. Once I get rid of a good deal of "stuff" I am going to have an organizer come in and help me with some storage ideas and finishing the garage... that is one thing I really want to do for Jeff.... I want it done by August 27th. Now that I have written that down..... and published it...... I have to make it happen. So, first I will have to empty it out.... have the walls taped and textured......epoxy the floor..... and then install storage systems and hangers and have a place for everything.
My other project is to put up LOTS of items on Craig's list..... I have some good stuff too ~~! it is not all junk. I want to sell many items and with that I can pay for the garage. Sounds like a good plan doesn't it ??...