Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The last day of time goes faster and faster... And tomorrow is April Fools Day !.... Hmmmmmm....... wonder what pranks we can think up.
This handsome fellow is Mr. Menace....he is my dd's cat, but he came to live with us now...and he is a love. He loves to sit in your lap and give hugs and then nibbles on your ear.
Today is errand day......and maybe some time for sewing when I get back.
Nice day here...... !.... Hope you are having a good day

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Easter !.......
Wanted to get my Easter wishes to you now...... !
I hope everyone who reads this is having beautiful spring weather. Yesterday we had a beautiful day here in North Dakota.....and the weather man says we have another nice day today.
Plans are always changing aren't they - We were planning an out of town get away for my husband's graduation.......but now found out we have a hockey tournament here in are changing plans.....
My job today is to find a hotel here......with a pool..... because not only is it "Grandpa's graduation" is the oldest Grandson's he was looking forward to a "pool party"... So ....we are going to try to get both events PLUS the youngest grandson's hockey games.... We know that - when it rains it pours - !!!
But that is just what Grandparents do.....they try to make it work for everybody !!!
The dogs are out playing.......the yard is almost dry.....but still the muddy paws come in.. oh what the heck - it is only MUD!
So far this week my sewing has been set on the back burner...... but maybe later today I can sew up a few more string blocks. They are fun to make.....and I am determined that I am going to sew up that scrap drawer !!....... I hope it doesn't multiply like that yarn box I tried to use up........ I thought ONE LARGE AFGHAN would take care of that box of yarn............think I am up to #4 afghan out of that box of yarn.......It must be multiplying - no other explanation !
And so I better get moving............... Have a Great Day Everyone !!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Good Morning !
A sunny Sunday morning.....and I am just enjoying my coffee and being lazy. For those of you have just found my may wonder what this blog is about. Well..... it is about many things... "Sifting Through the about life in general.....but includes the layers of my many projects and my "layers" of fabric.....which are being made into quilts...and just about anything else I might think to put on here. It isn't isn't is just me......sifting thru the layers of everyday life.
So I say to you - Enjoy each day and live your life to the fullest.
Have a good day.................Claudia

Thursday, March 25, 2010

March 25 - Thursday

Still waiting for the "real spring" to arrive. As the news of the spring flood of 2010 fades....let's remember that there are many people in the rural areas that are still getting in and out of their homes by boats and they have lots of water left to deal with.

This has been a tough week - a very dear friend of mine passed away last Saturday.... her death was very unexpected. The funeral was Tuesday. We just have to stop and remember how fast life changes for all of us and don't leave a kind word unsaid or a visit undone. I have so many wonderful friends and I want to keep them ALL forever....! I treasure each friend I have made and I don't tell them often enough how special they are......I am going to try to do better at that. sure what I will do or what the day will hold. I wish you each a wonderful day and THANKS for being my friend.......... Claudia

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Sheyenne River is still rising both south and north and HERE near Harwood.
I am in the middle of town so things are fine here...but there is LOTS of water all around us.
The Red River is predicted to crest at 38 feet on Sunday we are still below this time I forget what the actual reading is at this time. But at any rate we have too much water!
Think today I will run to Fargo and get a few little errands could happen that the interstate could close for a couple days. So just to be safe.
Yesterday we saw sun !! and much warmer temps, but that was shortlived as today we are cloudy and getting cooler again.
Dogs with MUDDY feet - That is what I can report from MY house.

.........till next safe.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I think the skies are clearing !

They say the sky is clearing and we will get some sun! That would help things tremendously. We are having a city meeting tonight to let us know how we are doing with the water situation.
I think our yard is draining off a bit....looks better today than yesterday.

Not much else to report far so good !

Now - off to sew !!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday March 15

Well, here we go again....... flooding again. All up and down the Red River Valley it is spring and the second year in a row that we are fighting major flooding. Things are really starting to ramp up and building of clay dikes in Fargo/Moorhead and sandbagging in town for those houses along the river and around the counties. Harwood is starting to fill sandbags tonight. Our little town here is very well organized and over the years esp. since '97 our city leaders have dikes in place, and know what we need to do.

I will ramble on here instead of boring my friends on FB and email with my flood talk. I think it just helps to write things down and that helps relieve the stress of this whole situation.

For us personally.......we just need to watch our sump pump and hope we don't lost electricity here and other than that we should be fine. We are in the middle of for us to "flood"...the whole town of Harwood would be gone.

Those of you that are not familiar with the Red River is VERY FLAT here and "years ago"...not sure how many.....LOL...... this was the bottom of Lake Aggasiz. With the last couple years our fall season has been very wet so the ground is saturated and can't take the spring snow melt.....thus........we flood. Last year "Spring of 2009" we had record floods up and down the valley... and the city of Fargo was way too close to being like Grand Forks in 1997.
I am so proud of our cities thru the valley working to fight these floods and keeping us all as safe as possible.

As for me......... I have to keep busy or I tend to "fret a bit" so this year..... I am working on my projects ! My basement project and my UFO sewing/quilting projects.

Guess I will have my oatmeal and get started !