Thursday, April 28, 2011

Signs of Spring !

Dare I hope that SPRING is really here ???? My "Bleeding Heart" is coming up....This is the one that will freeze easy if we get another cold spell ..... This is my favorite perennial that I wait for each spring to come up. My Grandmother had a huge bleeding heard in her rock garden....guess that is why I like this plant.
Anyone need any iris?I have TONS of iris coming up all over......time to thin them out again. I hate to throw them I will have to see if I can find some homes for the extra ones.

Tulips - I have tulips ! The squirrels didn't dig them up this winter ! I think I will get some more and plant them.

And I have blooming flowers !!! LOL

This is the house finch in the tree.......the pair has returned and went right to the basket hanging on the porch and started building a nest..... I had planned to put new dirt and new "fake" flowers in it for them.....but they didn't wait for me. Maybe I will make a new basket and see if they like that better.

To those of you where the terrible weather has been happening.... - I hope you are all OK and safe.
Looks like a beautiful day here in the Red River Valley......(where this is still too much water in some places).....

Have a great day !

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday, April 26th

I hope everyone had a nice Easter. We had a sunny beautiful day here ! Something we all needed so badly.

There is still WATER and WAY too much of it close by us in the rural areas...this water is just not going anywhere !! So frustrating for us...and I really can't imagine how it would be to be boating to and from your home to work and school.....your cars parked a couple miles from your homes.......I feel for those still fighting the water. It is just like it is stuck there and will not flow to the river.....or go down !..... Further to the south about 50 miles or so it is the same.......roads washed out.....people having to go many miles around to get where they need to go....This year the rural parts of this area were hit far harder than the cities.

I am watching the weather channel today........watching about the horrible storms down south...I will gladly take the cold over tornadoes !.....

Something has upset "Mother Nature" and it doesn't look good !

I will have to go through my pictures and see what I have for today.......hasn't been much to take pictures of the last few days.......

(I am a bit late with my Easter egg)....LOL...could not remember if I put this on or not.

So I just wanted to touch base and say HELLO.....and let you know that i am still here....just don't have much to write about.

Take care..............I will post again soon.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

No sun today......cold front coming

Well, we had a couple very nice warm sunny days......which helps your spirits and makes the flooding a bit more tolerable..... But it is cold and windy today and getting colder for the next few days. These pictures were taken the other day when the sun was shining on the "ocean" just on the east side of town. This is what I see from my front door......I could sell the house as "ocean view". The blue you see beyond the trees......yes, that is water......and no, it is not supposed to be there...
This one is looking to the south east where we would go on Hwy #81 to Fargo.....but not going that way for awhile. Those are also dirt fields, not blue water fields. And the news yesterday is there will be more water coming in a few days......from the south and from the west.....This isn't over yet.

The news on I-29 is not good.....they say that will be closed "indefinitely".....I am not sure exactly what that means......but it isn't good. I was thinking a few more days and that would open up.......but they have to see what damage the water has done to the roads. They can't build that diversion fast enough...we can't keep going through this every year.

We are fine here in town....our yard is drying ....just that soggy, dirty, spring grass...ick. BUT better than ducks in my front yard ! We can drive on the interstate going south out of Harwood...phew......I would hate to make the 7 mile trek to Fargo into about 50 miles if I had to do the detour.

Take care everyone !!!...........Stay safe.

Monday, April 11, 2011

More of Sunday going home......

Go back one more post to see the beginning of the trip home from Fargo on Sunday afternoon. These buildings are the Community Center at Harwood where the National Guard is staged. See that little strip of grass in the middle ? - THAT is the top of the dike keeping this water out of town....not much room left at the top of that dike.. This is the off ramp to get off I-29.... hmmm that water should not be there !
Air boats are staged here in case we need them.
Don't like all that water there............much too close to coming into town.

Turning down Main Street the National Guard was there..... ( we live on Main Street and things are dry there....) I think they were just parking these trucks at the city office.

These were taken Sunday afternoon coming home..

Like yesterdays will have to go back a couple posts to get see all the pictures I took on Sunday afternoon.......... Here we sit on the I-29 trying to get home from Fargo..... What we didn't know at that time was that just north of the Harwood exit there was 7 miles of water to drive through . The traffic was stopped and backed up for about 10 miles at that time.
The new bridge over the "little slough"...... Water as far as you can see in ALL directions. this picture is looking east . None of that water is supposed to be there.

This truck looks like he is driving ON the water......the interstate is just a ribbon to drive on in this area. Have you ever seen a snow plow plowing water ??.....He is scraping the debris off the side of the road that is washing up onto the highway.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Heading into Fargo

View this post and go back 2 more posts to see more water around Harwood. Here we go down the ramp heading onto I-29 going south to Fargo.
On our way now................. "Stay in the middle"
This is the new bridge where they raised the bridge to go over "this little slough" that goes under the interstate... by mid summer this is barely a trickle.
right at the edge of the feels like you are driving through an ocean.
And this morning it is raining...........

the Sheyenne River just west of town

The Sheyenne River just west of Harwood
the field just east of the river.

south side of the road the field just east of the bridge
the interstate keeps this water from coming directly into town.......but the river goes north a bit ......goes under the interstate....and backs up the ditches and tries to sneak into town that way.

Saturday - April 9 Harwood Exit on I-29

This is our exit ramp off I-29 to Harwood.... none of that water you see is supposed to be there.... Last night it was almost all the way across the exit.... not sure what it looks like today.
the area between the ramp and highway in the foreground...... in the background.....that is the combo of the small "slough" (creek) and the Sheyenne river..... (none of that water should be there either)
The interstate ditch looking north.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sam 1989-2011

Sam 1989 - 2011. It just seems fitting that a cat who lived for 22 years should be deserving of a eulogy. One cold snowy November night I found him wandering at the gas station across the street from where we lived. He was definitely lost and looking for someone. You could tell he had not been a outside cat...he was clean and white and very lost. So I took him home......took a picture of him and put it up in the gas station....and I was sure that someone would call and claim him. But they never did.... We named him Sam......and he was a crazy cat !.... It would take me days to write about all the funny things he did and how much we enjoyed and loved him for the past 22 years.. But I do want you to know that he was the best cat and tough as nails. It has only been the past few months that his health failed and he developed a thyroid condition and we did do medication for that...but at his age we knew it was not a condition that we could cure. I promised that when the time came I would do the right thing..... The past couple weeks he got weaker and thinner and last night.....he told me that he was tired and needed to rest......As hard as it is to do... it was time to say good-bye. So......Good-bye Sam were the best.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April is here !

Sorry I have been MIA for a few days....... I took a few days off.....for some R & R and then got a doozy of a cold and cough. Ugh. I had been pretty good all winter....then it hit. And boy, did it knock me down. Nasty stuff ! I here it is all over the country.... I hope you are all well and didn't get this nasty cough and cold.

Anyway..............back to blogging.......... Let's see if there is anything new. ????

Well, here in the Red River Valley we are in "spring flood mode" far it doesn't look to bad......I hate to use the word "normal" flooding..... but right now that is what it looks like we will get........ What we DON'T want is anymore snow or rain.....that would kick things into high gear and cause really major flooding. Temps this week in the low 40' that isn't too bad....a slow melt is what we really need.

In my pet world......our old Sam is still hanging in there......he got a nasty cold too ! Poor old guy.....he is getting a bit better from that every day.... He is eating and sleeping...guess that is about all he can do at his age.

The dogs are enjoying the sunny times on the back deck...if they would only stay out of the MUD.

I have some sewing projects in the works and will have some pictures of those soon !!

Have a good day everyone !!!

Thanks for stopping by..............