Wednesday, February 13, 2013

After the storm......

 We got about 10 inches of snow Sunday and Monday........filled up the driveway, so the snowblower got a good workout.  I am very glad hubby was home to blow snow !  Both interstates were closed overnight and till about noon on Monday.....been a long time since we have had this much snow.
Backyard got filled up pretty good......poor dogs had to wade in the snow.  They have their paths pretty well made now.

And just heard the weatherman say we could get 4 more inches of snow today.  UGH !

Yesterday it was thawing and dripping.....and now getting cold again.  Crazy North Dakota weather.
Have a good day !

Thursday, February 7, 2013

February 7 - Thursday

Just a sleepy dog day I guess......well, maybe for them, but not for me.  I have errands to run and stop by work for a bit....... just not enough days in the week to get it all done.

We have gotten some snow off and on the past few days - not alot, just enough to mess up the steps and driveway.  Ugh.  Can we just get on to Spring ?

Just wanted to touch base......not much to write about.
Heard the weatherman say we could get a storm Saturday night and time to check and see if I have all the necessary supplies.  Got dog and cat food - that is the most important items.
Have a great day !!
What plans do you have for Valentine's Day ?