Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Late night storm.......

What else is there to do at 1:00am in the morning when they issue a tornado warning..... So.... I made a pot of coffee, gathered up my valuables, got the cats and dogs.....and headed to the basement... When they talk about possibly seeing tornadoes a couple miles from your house.....well....then it is time to get to your safe place. It was sure nice to have the computer with me and watch the live stream news and weather information. Now they are saying there was a touchdown at Reiles Acres..(2 miles south)...but have not heard of any damage yet.

I think we are in the clear of this storm right now........BUT now the darn storm is headed right to the lake cabin !!!....

After the HOT day today.....these darn storms pop up...and interrupt my sleep.
We went to Taylor's baseball game tonight.....and that was a good game and played in the BIG ball park.....with seats and lights. Taylor had a great catch out in right field. And the "Bobcats" win !! Yeah !! It was a beautiful night and a light breeze and only one mosquito bite.
Now it is 2:30am.....and this storm has passed east and south of us now......BUT they say another one is coming in a couple hours...... Can you tell how much I dislike storms !!

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  1. We had a little storm this morning, I slept through it since there wasn't a tornato siren. The siren is just across the street so we are sure to hear it when it goes off LOL.

    Hooray for the Bobcats!!