Friday, July 16, 2010

Our sewing project......

This is my little Featherweight machine I got from a friend........ I have never sewed on one is so cute !! I just love it.

This is the project we worked on.....charm squares.....and then the "Lil Twister" tool...

Alice sewing away !!!........

she is still sewing !!!

And here is our table topper....(still sewing the little blocks together here )....These are so fun to make !!! And we have plans to make many more!!


  1. Oooo I love your white Featherweight. Mine is black but I've always wanted one of a lighter color.


  2. Hey Claudia, You and your friend are so creative! Now you know that I don't know much about sewing let alone quilting right? What do you mean by charm squares? And the lil twister tool is a seem ripper right? Or am I wrong?

    Take Care :)