Saturday, July 24, 2010

A quiet Saturday evening............

After my crazy running errand day yesterday......This was my Friday night supper..... Saw this rainbow from my front porch after the showers were through.

Saturday - I did have a couple errands to run today...... found this great background fabric for my charm squares. Going to make a couple fall table runners for my daughter and myself.

Then they had patterns for .99 cents !!! Well, you just HAVE to buy one.

This afternoon I picked these green beans from OUR garden !!! Can't wait to cook them and eat them. My neighbor picked cucumbers this morning. I also picked a head of broccoli, and some lettuce and I ate a few peas as I was picking.
There will be more green beans in a couple days.

So that was my Saturday............What did you do today ?

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  1. Ooo pretty fabric!! I cleaned the bathroom (I hate that job!!), played on the computer and did some applique. A very good day :0)