Sunday, February 26, 2012

Winter Storm Warning

This is just nuts......we go all winter with no storms and NOW we get snow. Ugh. No travel advised, wind, it is a stay at home day. Good thing I won't run out of fabric for a few days. !

Backing up to Friday......I made "potato balls" some call it "potato klub".... You can't just make a little................this is the bowl of dough.....

I have 3 kettles of water boiling..........

plus my side pork is frying too !
Once you get them in water they have to boil/simmer for one hour....
Finally they are done............a little butter and salt and pepper........Yum !!!
Now I better go see what is in the cupboard that I can cook up for today and head to the sewing room.
Stay in and stay warm !!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday, Monday

It is Monday again !............and the weather man is telling us about the snow that is coming. We have had a great why get snow now???.......It could just go to SPRING and forget about anymore snow.

( Mr. Menace here - I am waiting by the computer. I am watching to see if mom gets any comments on her blog - she loves to write it......and looks every day to see if anyone else reads it and leaves a comment. And mom loves to read LOTS of other blogs. I know she likes to leave a comment now and then on their blogs to let them know that people read them. Mom doesn't always have very exciting things to write about but she likes to take pictures of her favorite cat - that would be ME - and the big dogs that are always under the I hope you read it now and then and leave her a comment and your blog address if you have one.)

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Mexican Village - my favorite place to eat.......they just added a "7 Layer Dip" to their menu....and it is great.........very filling...........and you need 3 or 4 people to eat it all.

We had it last night........I may be hungry about Wednesday.

Have a good day .............I will probably have snow pictures for tomorrow.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday, February 16,2012

Sunny day...........nice to the quilt shop.........It just doesn't get any better than that ! This is the back of a quilt I just finished......... love those fishermen !

A sleepy fisherman...........

This is the finished quilt !! And I designed it myself !......... It is a sample in the quilt shop. You just don't know how exciting it is for me to make quilts and other things and have them displayed in the quilt shop !! .... My dream come true.

Visit and see the quilt shop.

Hope you all have a wonderful day !

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunny Sunday

This is Lizzy, and she is such a great sewing machine !! I think she sews FASTER than my other I hope she will help me sew up LOTS more quilts and she does embroidery too !!

I think this sunny day calls for a COKE !! Don't you love the new can this winter ?

Our temperature is slowly going back up this week. I know I shouldn't complain about a "few" days of NORMAL temps for a North Dakota winter, but we have been so spoiled this year with the mild weather.

Off to a hockey game in a bit..........the boys lost their game last night, BUT they out-played the other team, just could not get that darn puck in the net. So.....I am hoping for a WIN today.

I am almost ready to share a picture of the "Beary Good Times" quilt.......I am so excited how it turned out. And I made it up all by myself !! AND I have a plan for the next quilt I am about to start.........

Have a good week !!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I think it's Thursday

I just want to cover my eyes and go back to bed today !!
This is a table runner that I made.

Got cold out ! Well, probably more like normal North Dakota winter. Going to have some cold temps for a few days.
I have been feeling so good all winter......but now I think I am getting a cold and maybe flu like gunk ! It has been all around me so I suppose I was bound to get it.
Not much news....or things to tell you about. I am almost done with another quilt. I will have to take some new pictures and show you.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday - February 8

I want to wish my youngest grandson a VERY Happy 13th Birthday. I don't know how the years went by so quickly.

We had about 4 days of fog .......... but the frost was beautiful !

The last morning of the frost.....the sky turned blue and the sun came was so pretty.

I hope you all have a good rest of the week.......and find happiness in what you do.