Thursday, May 31, 2012

Home again...........

  I am home again from my trip to the International Quilt Market !!  It was a wonderful time.  That has been on my bucket list for a LONG time......and now I can cross that off.
There was so  much to see and take in - I will be thinking about it for a long time.  And all the new things that will be coming to the quilt shop ( that's a secret for now and I can't tell you about that).

We are getting a few nice days here now.......gets hot and cold.....and my flowers got very confused this year......they are about done blooming and summer hasn't even started yet.
Off to the lake cabin this weekend.......that will be fun - except there is work to do there too.....always have to do a bit of cleaning.......or not.  We will see !

Hmmmm.....well it seems that blogger changed while I was gone.......

These are some pictures of my "WIP's" ( works in progress) 
Some are for classes, some are mine.....
And of course these are my two "sewing girls"...  They are always with me in my sewing room, but they really don't help much.
Time to get back to work..... I am enjoying a day off today......but busy doing know how that goes.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 1, 2012

Today is a very special day !  Our oldest grandson turns 16 years old today !  That is just not possible - just can't be 16 years since we waited in the waiting room at the hospital. 

Today we will all go to Red Lobster, one of his favorite places to eat.  I will be doing good if I can get through dinner without crying and thinking how fast the years have gone.......and now he will get busier and busier and maybe not have the time to spend with his grandparents.  So today I wonder what his future will hold - and what he will be "when he grows up".  So many thoughts and hopes I have for this fine young man. 

We love you Taylor !!  Happy Birthday !