Thursday, January 17, 2013

Having a nap.........

And here is Mr. Menace in his box.He spends a lot of time in this box.  Just his size I guess.
This morning I took Rollie to the vet.  He is having his great big teeth cleaned.  Hope he does OK. I will go get his this afternoon.  Wow, that vet clinic was very busy at 7:30am
We are headed down into the deep freeze.  They are telling us the his temp. for Monday is -18.  Not that is just too darn cold !!!
I better get busy.  Was going to add more pictures.....but something has changed in blogger and I can't add pictures.  ( I really don't know how I got this one on here)
Have a good day !

Thursday, January 10, 2013

the calm before the storm

The sun is shining.......little breeze........warm temps......BUT this is North Dakota in January.
And the weatherman is saying.......nice today........rain this evening.......and snow tomorrow.......and then the wind.  Ugh.  January in North Dakota.

I am trying to add some pictures to this post, but so far - it isn't working.  Seems my computer is doing very strange things.  So.....we will see.

What is everyone up to in January 2013 ?  Not much going on here for me.  Sewing, sewing , sewing, and feeding dogs and cats and working.

Sorry, no pictures today.

Have a great day.......I will take some pics of the wonderful weekend weather we get.....Ugh.