Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wednesday, November 28

Hello  - ........been busy here - how about you ?  Are you ready for Christmas ? 
Well, I am not - but  I am not going to stress about it.  Not yet anyway.

Had a few days of rather cold weather here in North Dakota.....but very little snow on the ground.
That is fine with me...I am not excited about shoveling.

I am very busy at work.  We are getting ready for a big event on December 1.  Going to be a FUN we are hoping for LOTS of customers to come.
I am almost ready......just have to make some krumkake or cookies.......and finish up my samples for my demos.....So if you are in the sure to stop by  Rae-Bon Quilting and Sewing Center in Fargo, North Dakota !
Time to go..............Have a great day !

Friday, November 16, 2012

Middle of November ?

This is the cutest beaver !!  He is standing in a wagon in a store window in Fargo. 
I am going back to get a better picture of him.......LOL

Anyway....... I hope this find you well on this cool, clear November day.  I just want someone to turn down the speed of time !
Middle of November ???   Can't be !
I have too much that I want to do before the holidays.

The roofers were here on the whole house re-shingled in a day.  That was impressive.  They did a pretty good job of cleaning up.......but now I have a dog that is really drooling..... and I am worried that he may have picked up something in the fear is that it could be a nail.  We have had this drooling thing going on for a few weeks......took him to the vet and she put him on Pepcid......the drooling stopped......and after yesterday is started again....but has calmed down I am watching his every move.
You know how we worry about our animals.....

What is everyone doing for Thanksgiving ?..........getting together with family or friends ?  Going to be very quiet here at our house..... I work again on Friday and Saturday so I am just not up to doing the big meal and all quiet is my order for the day.  Just a nice dinner and nothing fancy.....
Almost time to put the turkey away.......and get out the next season's decorations.

Wishing you all a wonderful happy Thanksgiving !
Till next time.........................

Friday, November 2, 2012

November 2, 2012 -

Another no picture day.....

Last Monday night I returned home from the Houston Quilt Market.  This was my second time at market for the shop I work at.  Another WONDERFUL experience being able to go to market.  We get so many ideas and inspiration - we come home just busting at the seams.  Now to organize out thoughts and come up with a plan. 

I also managed to get a bit of a head cold - so now I am trying to get rid of that.  It is that time of year and the colds and crud are everywhere.  So......a couple more days of gallons of HOT tea and I am sure it will be all better.

The weatherman says some snow today............ugh........... I would be fine with no snow till about December 20th.....then we should have a bit for a white Christmas.

My thoughts and prayers to all in the areas of hurricane Sandy and the destruction she caused.  I just can't imagine.

Wishing you all a good day and a good weekend !!