Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tuesday night arriving at the lake............

I finally made it to the cabin about 6pm Tuesday evening...... after a day of running and appts.....I made it !
First on the agenda was a little supper..... I saw a "Sweet Corn Stand" on the way down... and I just had to stop. This was the first sweet corn I had this year......and it was delicious. I know, I have to be very careful with corn... I only had one. Yesterday while I was trying to leave the got hotter and hotter... I knew it was going to be very warm when I got to the lake. At 9pm last was still 92 degrees in the porch. But I toughed it out and didn't even turn on the AC !! LOL

So I got all my sewing stuff unpacked and laid out. And today - I am ready to get busy !!

This morning that cabin is nice and cool......with a brisk wind coming off the lake. I have pics and will post again later.

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