Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Garden

The garden is beautiful !!! No thanks to me....... I have not worked in the garden at all this year. My wonderful neighbor did all the planting and all the weeding. I have turned on the water a few times. I just have too much going on this year to set aside time for working outside....and my flowerbeds show it. She loves working outside and putting on the extra touches that make it so cute.

It is starting to produce has been a slow year for growing.

She brings me veggies from the garden.....and I sure do enjoy eating them.......I just wish I had a couple extra days in the week so I could do more of the things I enjoy.

I see tomatoes !!! I can't wait to have a BLT with REAL tomatoes.

Update from the travelers.......they had a delay getting to Shanghai.......there is typhoon brewing out in the ocean. I am waiting to hear they are at the next city on their journey.

Time to get busy !! You all have a wonderful day.

Take Care.................

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