Thursday, August 25, 2011

On a clear day..........

Not a cloud in the sky and not a ripple on the lake.... what a great day at the lake! There is nothing prettier than the lake on a clear calm morning....

We have a lone loon that comes back here every year....there are other pairs on the lake, but this one is always alone. He turned his head because a fish came up out of the water ......hmmmm breakfast he was thinking!

He went under water and I was hoping he would come up closer to me.....but he came up way out in the lake.

Guess I better get busy.....I am going to a neighbors for coffee and then come back and get back to my sewing. I really am getting stuff done - but there are so many things to take pictures of outside....I haven't put my sewing pictures on here yet.

Boat just went by......

Beautiful morning for water skiing.............but it messed up the glassy water.

Have a good day.

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