Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday, December 7th

We must remember - 
   Today is Pearl Harbor Day......... Even though I wasn't born yet mother and father always remembered that day.  There was a young man from our little town that was on the USS Arizona that fateful day. Our American Legion building is named after him.
   My mother could recall every detail of that lunch time when her brother-in-law came to tell them the news - that he just got on his HAM radio. 
She always remembered where she was sitting at the table and what she was eating
that December 7th day in 1941.  I still have the newspaper that she had saved from that day.
My mom and dad, who were not yet married, quickly made plans to get married which they did on February 14, 1941 and my father left 5 weeks later for the Army and was gone for 3 years.
We should pass these stories our children and they realize the importance of that day.

We better take one more look at my "snowless"  The weather man is talking SNOW.....I suppose it is time........we know every year that the white stuff will come.  
Really , I could do a Christmas without snow........I really could.
I didn't do my "start the snow blower" lesson yet.....hmmmmm wonder if I remember.  Well, I DO remember how to work a shovel.  That may have to do .
Oh .....and there go the crawlers across the TV that a WINTER STORM WATCH  for our area..
And off to work I the quilt shop and see what is new today ! 
Stay tuned for new pictures of the snow.................
Have a great weekend.

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