Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday July 31, 2011

These are the baby barn swallows a couple weeks ago.....they are ready to test their flying abilities........I think there was six of them in that tiny nest.

A pair of Barn Swallows have built their nest on my back door light for the past couple years. They are not the cleanest birds - but after chasing them off my front door - I just don't have the heart to tear down their nest when they start building on the back light. Anyway.......these birds started flying and would come back to the nest at night.

Oops, looks like I posted the same picture twice...oh well, just ignore that. LOL

After a few days the babies and the parents quit coming back to the nest.....they must have found new spots to roost. the nest sat empty a few days.......THEN......a couple of sparrows stopped by to check out the empty nest........and soon.......they started "hauling in renovations"!

After a few days it looks like this.........

They don't have the same "glue" as the barn some of their additions fall off. But they seem to like the way their re-model turned out........I think they have a nest of eggs in it.

I heard from Jeff and T-Man. They made it safely to Beijing China......and so begins their wonderful adventure.
I am checking out the weather forecast.......they are talking more thunderstorms in our area tonight and tomorrow. I am really tired of thunderstorms and red-alert calls in the middle of the night....but is a good system to have.

Now it is back to the sewing room......... I should have some "sewing pictures" one day soon !!

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  1. The sparrows are a bit sloppy, maybe they are new at remodeling and didn't pay close enough attention to the DIY show LOL.