Thursday, April 28, 2011

Signs of Spring !

Dare I hope that SPRING is really here ???? My "Bleeding Heart" is coming up....This is the one that will freeze easy if we get another cold spell ..... This is my favorite perennial that I wait for each spring to come up. My Grandmother had a huge bleeding heard in her rock garden....guess that is why I like this plant.
Anyone need any iris?I have TONS of iris coming up all over......time to thin them out again. I hate to throw them I will have to see if I can find some homes for the extra ones.

Tulips - I have tulips ! The squirrels didn't dig them up this winter ! I think I will get some more and plant them.

And I have blooming flowers !!! LOL

This is the house finch in the tree.......the pair has returned and went right to the basket hanging on the porch and started building a nest..... I had planned to put new dirt and new "fake" flowers in it for them.....but they didn't wait for me. Maybe I will make a new basket and see if they like that better.

To those of you where the terrible weather has been happening.... - I hope you are all OK and safe.
Looks like a beautiful day here in the Red River Valley......(where this is still too much water in some places).....

Have a great day !

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  1. It's about time! I'm glad Mother Nature has decided to let spring arrive for you. I know how much it can lift the spirits after a long winter. Take Care :)