Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sam 1989-2011

Sam 1989 - 2011. It just seems fitting that a cat who lived for 22 years should be deserving of a eulogy. One cold snowy November night I found him wandering at the gas station across the street from where we lived. He was definitely lost and looking for someone. You could tell he had not been a outside cat...he was clean and white and very lost. So I took him home......took a picture of him and put it up in the gas station....and I was sure that someone would call and claim him. But they never did.... We named him Sam......and he was a crazy cat !.... It would take me days to write about all the funny things he did and how much we enjoyed and loved him for the past 22 years.. But I do want you to know that he was the best cat and tough as nails. It has only been the past few months that his health failed and he developed a thyroid condition and we did do medication for that...but at his age we knew it was not a condition that we could cure. I promised that when the time came I would do the right thing..... The past couple weeks he got weaker and thinner and last night.....he told me that he was tired and needed to rest......As hard as it is to do... it was time to say good-bye. So......Good-bye Sam were the best.


  1. Oh Claudia, I'm so sorry for your loss. He had a wonderful life with you.



  2. RIP, Dear Sam! I'm sorry for your loss, Claudia. He loved and was loved - keep those memories in your heart.