Monday, April 11, 2011

These were taken Sunday afternoon coming home..

Like yesterdays will have to go back a couple posts to get see all the pictures I took on Sunday afternoon.......... Here we sit on the I-29 trying to get home from Fargo..... What we didn't know at that time was that just north of the Harwood exit there was 7 miles of water to drive through . The traffic was stopped and backed up for about 10 miles at that time.
The new bridge over the "little slough"...... Water as far as you can see in ALL directions. this picture is looking east . None of that water is supposed to be there.

This truck looks like he is driving ON the water......the interstate is just a ribbon to drive on in this area. Have you ever seen a snow plow plowing water ??.....He is scraping the debris off the side of the road that is washing up onto the highway.

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