Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Need to catch up

These are clouds from the storm south of us last weekend (in lakes country)..... This storm produced up to 7 tornadoes in SE North Dakota and SW Minnesota.. Luckily we were not affected by these storms....but they did destroy 2 farmsteads.
Good to watch at a distance....

This was a rain cloud to the east of the cabin last weekend.....one quick shower and that was it for us. Our lakes are very high this year....so we really don't need anymore added water.

Time to catch up on things...... We had a great weekend at the lake.....Hot when we got home.....HOT yesterday...... Muggy and hot today....with thunderstorms brewing. So.....guess I should put my car in the garage...that way nothing will happen.....if I leave it out.....we will get hail.... Or so my way of thinking.
The garden grew like crazy just over the weekend !! Sure was fun to want a green pepper last night for supper and to be able to just go pick one !! And it was very good.
So.....now today it looks like a good day to work on my "inside projects"..(yes, I have plenty to keep me busy !)
I will keep an eye on the weather today and let you know how we do.

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  1. Yep those kinds of storms are lovely from a distance. So far it looks like we will be missed by the storms today, but you know ND, that could change in seconds.