Sunday, August 22, 2010

As the end of August nears................

Saturday morning, Aug, 21, was just a bit foggy ! On our walk we found some great webs....... and the occupant was at home in this one.
It was fun to look at all the beautiful spider webs.

Milk weed........something we don't see many of anymore.

This is at a farm down the is an upside down tree......looks like a nest......and the carved wooden eagle sits by the nest.

Saturday was very hot and humid........and today is going to be hotter yet. Time to head to the water.


  1. It looked like that around here on Thursday and Friday. Sure made it damp in the house!! A scorcher here today too :0)


  2. Beautiful photographs!!

  3. Hey, Awesome pictures! I love nature pictures I need to do more of that. Oh wait that would require me to actually go outside for more than to get into my car. Hmmmm... well maybe Colin is doing extremely well now so maybe a walk could be in the picture for the weekend. Take Care :)