Sunday, June 13, 2010

Thank you for reading my blog !

Chalkware that I found in my Grandmother's things.
Fabric in the washer......

more fabric to wash..... My Grandmother made "covers" and "shelf liners" and "dressed" every thing she had......LOL.....these were some of those special coverings.

Items that were in the can.....

and the rest of the items.

I am still learning about this world of blogging ! I have not answered each of you personally for commenting on my posts...but please know that I read every comment...and I certainly appreciate your comments and you reading my blog !!

I have missed a few days so I need to catch up a bit.... Been busy I guess !!

I did get the garbage can empty and went through things and now I have them packed up again in a tub... which I will put a label on so I know what is in there.

It was fun to unwrap my Grandmother's things....I know the year in which they were wrapped ..... I am ashamed to tell you... oh what the heck. She packed those in 1971 and they sat in the garage till I brought that can in. I tore that garage down last year. There were nick-knacks and some little embroidered dresser scarfs, fancy dishes and some not so fancy dishes and fabric and fabric you know I had to wash up the fabric and see if it is salvageable and then maybe I can make something out of it !!.....Those of you who are quilters will understand that.....the rest of you will think I am NUTS. LOL.

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