Monday, June 14, 2010

Flag Day

Today is Flag Day......... What a beautiful site to see the American Flag waving in the breeze against the blue summer sky. The weather man is saying more showers.... I hope not ! We need a break. I should be out planting some grass seed....might as it can rain on it. LOL

I am trying to catch up on my blog reading ........ I have a long list of blogs that I read....and I know there are more out there that I would LOVE to read....but how many is too many ??

Any thoughts on that ??...

Shhhhh the dogs are having their afternoon naps.....I would love to have a nap too ! - but I better keep going on my projects.

Have a wonderful day !


  1. I follow 56 blogs (I just checked), but once had about 130 of them. I trimmed back several months ago and kept only those that do hand work and the ones where I have made a special connection with. Most of them don't blog that often so I only have to read around 15-25 blogs each morning. A girl has to have some time for sewing LOL.


  2. Hey, It's been awhile since I have come to check on you. The flowers are beautiful! Reading down through your blog I see I have missed a lot your garden looks wonderful and love the way you have the pots in the corner and not to mention your center pieces. Is that a mirror in the garden? I better get busy and start cleaning maybe I will have time to blog in the next day or so. Kids are keeping way too busy I don't have time to smell the flowers. Take Care :)

  3. Nice blog spot. Love your garden and interesting sitsy arounds in it!

    I don't have that many blogs that I 'officially' follow, as in being registered as a 'follower'. But I do get caught up in it, sometimes one link leads to another... and next thing I know, a couple of hours have escaped me!

    I'm finding it's getting especially hard right now to read or even post. I'm so torn between wanting time to sew, and needing to be outdoors doing yard and garden work. We're still getting established out here, so much of the frenzy is one-time projects.. thank heavens. Think it's going to be another year where I won't be too sad to see winter come, and I can not feel guilty if I'm not weeding, trimming, etc.