Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rain again !

Pretty peony bush.

The good thing about the rain is I don't have to water the garden. LOL. Things are coming up !! Beans, radish, beets, peas, corn, melons, ....it is so fun to watch them pop up through the dirt - and also a few weeds come popping up too !....so we are beginning the task of weeding.

I had company yesterday from Missouri, Washington and Oregon. It was a very nice day...the sun was shining.... and we all had a good visit. Today it is looking like rain all day.....so glad we had our day together yesterday.

I am about to dig into a large garbage can that is packed with some of my Grandmother's things.......this has been packed a long time.....and I have no idea what is in there.....So it will be very interesting to see what is packed in there. I will let you know what I find.

..... So many layers of our lives and the lives of others..... What do you find as you sift through your layers?


  1. There, now I'm following your blog. You talk about your memory being bad LOL. Love your peony! It's drippy here today, a good day for sewing :0)


  2. The peony bush is beautiful.