Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunny Sunday Evening ........

Well, it was a tough weekend for our Metro Grizzly's.....they played hard, but got beat......those Canadian teams are tough !! They must put skates on their kids before they can walk !!....LOL But they played and that is a good thing. Cayden got one assist - it was a great play and Cayden made a great pass to his teammate who scored that goal ~~ !!......So we cheer the good parts and encourage them all to keep going !! Grandpa Jeff ( guy on the far left of the bench running the door) was asked to help out...and that is his favorite place to be - in the box with the guys (he loves to coach)....LOL
Great day for a "bike ride".....there was a motorcycle ride today and our "Harwood Hideout" was one of their "water stops" there must have been over 100 bikes over there......NOT near the group that came last year.... but a couple pics of a few of the bikes...
Off to unload my is full of dd's things... and I need to get the carpet cleaner and the two-wheeler from her....always hauling things back and forth.....LOL

Have a good evening !!!

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  1. Always staying positive with the kids is a good thing. My dh love the bench also. Our last spring game was yesterday. Now it's on to travel for the summer.

    Have a good week!