Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thursday evening.......

This picture was taken from the house I was visiting in Camano Island, Washington...... It was so pretty there........... Today I had to take Sam (the old cat) back to the his thyroid was too the Dr. adjusted his meds and we will try this for a month. He seems better.

I also made my trip to the chiropractor - it had been too long and I am a mess again. I really do vow to go once a month !! And I should get a massage now and then too !!...

If there are any "stitchers" or embroidery people out there.... I need some help.
What do you use for tracing your designs ??.....The patterns I have suggest a brown fine line PIGMA pen. Any thoughts on this ?...or other suggestions ??
And do you use a light box ?

Not much else going on today....... it was cool today ! - but no snow !!!


  1. As long as you are stitching over the lines so they don't show, the brown pen should be great. I use the Micron pens though. If you have skipped spots, I use the rinse out blue pen.


  2. Claudia

    I use a light brown gelly roll pen and have for years. So far, no regrets and no need to change