Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday - Monday

I had planned to take some pictures this weekend.....but didn't get it done.
We are under another winter storm warming for later today and tomorrow.....Guess that is part of a North Dakota winter.
I didn't rush out for "Black Friday"....I worked at the quilt shop. But Saturday I did have to venture out early to get a great deal on thread at a local fabric store.....Got 2 !!! One for me and one for a friend. So now we have enough thread to sew all winter.
Grandson Cayden had a hockey game Saturday...... I always enjoy watching the kids play hockey. I decided to stay home yesterday but Grandpa went and the Packers won !!! Gooooooo Packers !!!
Lots of appointments and work days this if I don't write for a few days....... I will be back !!
Enjoy your day.......


  1. Ya know, I wouldn't mind the snow or even the wind but both together is really a bummer!! I'm sick of winter already LOL. I didn't do any of that Black Friday shopping either but did go in on Saturday and stopped at the local LQS and bought 10 yards of closeout fabric for $5/yard :0)


  2. How's it going at the quilt shop? When you get time go check out A Bama Mom and the two quilts she and her daughter have made.

    Take Care :)