Saturday, November 20, 2010

First Snowfall

Baby it's cold is 18 degrees.. Today we got the first snowfall here.......... I have not been out of the house all day. I have plenty to keep me busy inside.
I really should venture out and get a couple things...... wanted to get some copies made....stop at the Mall....(call me crazy!) and then of course, Wal-Mart. You are not allowed to go to town unless you stop there for something !
I worked all day yesterday at the quilt first day on the job. I love it !!! All that fabric to pet all day ~! Just doesn't get any better than that. The others that work there are very nice.
I am NOT looking forward to winter.....BUT the good thing is.........HOCKEY games !!!
We go to the first game tomorrow....can't wait ! I hope GS #2 plays well this year. He is still rather short for his age....lots of big guys to skate around and away from !! He is going to have to practice a bit of speed skating. Goooooooooooo Packers !!!
Guess I will see what else I can do.....maybe skip the trip to town and go sew !!
Stay Warm !

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