Thursday, October 28, 2010

Finishing up the Iowa Trip

Our lovely hotel room in Des Moines......all the comforts of home. Looking out our window in downtown Des Moines.
The food court at the show .......and they had good food !

Ahhhhhh the gateway to the quilt show ~~~ !!!........

I would have loved to share pictures of the quilts and booths......but you are not allowed to take any pictures anymore. Back in the old could take pictures to remember your visit...but now with all the thievery and copyright it goes.
This was a wonderful show !!...........really enjoyed ourselves and fill up the van with our shopping !!!..... I would love to go back next year !

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  1. I think the no picture thing is bunk. They don't want you to take pictures because they want to sell their dvds. How does that stop copying????? Ok, off my soap box LOL.

    Did you get any snow in Fargo Wednesday?