Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Another fire last night

Sorry that I have not been keeping up with my blog while I was gone on my trip....... I was taking pictures as I went........and I will share them with you and tell you about my trip........but I have many things going on at once and I am just not very fast. I had planned on blogging as I went......BUT I was not paying for Internet in the hotel we stayed at.... in this day and age I can't believe they are still trying to charge you for Internet when you can go to McDonald's and get free Internet.....silly people.
Went back to work on Monday....and I work Wednesday and Friday too. .....now I know many of you work many more hours than that a week......but I just don't move as fast as I used to....ha ha ha.....
Last night I was watching the local news and there was breaking news of a large apartment building in south Fargo on fire...... My girlfriend and I were going out for coffee and we drove near the area.........NOT driving to get right next to the fire like too many people were doing.... we were sitting at a Dairy Queen about 5 or 6 blocks away watching and worrying about those who lived there. Talking to my daughter later she told me a good friend of hers and her 3 year old daughter lived there.....they were on the 3rd floor, which is where the fire was the worst...it got in the attic area of the building and spread very fast. This girl and her daughter escaped with only what they were wearing and her purse.....they lost everything. I am going to work on making a little quilt and a pillowcase for this little girl. She loves "Princesses" and I found some princess fabric so need to get busy on that.
They are asking for help for these 150 people who are now without a place to live and they are saying the response is wonderful from the area and Red Cross and other organizations are helping with many things. This was also a "pet friendly" building and the Humane Society is helping them house their pets that were rescued till they find a place to live.

Then I will get back to my pictures and blogging about my trip........so just wanted to let you know that my girlfriend and I had a great vacation.........visited lots of quilt shops and did a little shopping...(LOL) along the way, at the show, and on the way home.


  1. OMGosh how scary for those poor people!! I look forward to see how big of a boost you gave the economy LOL.


  2. That is awful! So many without homes now. I know whatever you do for that child she will love. Take Care :)