Friday, April 30, 2010

Late night Friday....

Tonight we had dinner at Mexican Village. It was to celebrate my husband, Jeff's graduation. We head to Bismarck tomorrow for the graduation. He will be receiving his master's in Strategic Leadership. I am so very proud of him for working for this.....he is a busy guy with work, home, watching the grandson's in their activities and many other things that keep him busy.
A co-worker stopped by while we were having dinner and gave him a beautiful engraved keychain. Then after dinner we hurried across town to get to Cayden's hockey game... That game ended in a tie. And he plays two games tomorrow.....
So with graduation and hockey......and the oldest Grandson's birthday also tomorrow.....this is a busy weekend !
Good think I remembered to press up the graduation tacky to wear a wrinkled gown!


  1. Way To Go Jeff!!!! Take Care :)

  2. Congrats to your husband on his graduation. And many wishes to your grandson on his birthday.

    Love the pictures Claudia!