Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another beautiful day !

Yesterday was just beautiful ! And I even got some yard work done. Today is going to be great too!...and so I want to try to get some more stuff done outside. My flowers are coming up, but I need to water and weed and plant some to fill the blank spots.

I didn't see the space shuttle this morning as it passed over Fargo,ND - the TV said that some people did see it....oh well, I tried.

Well.....now my pictures are in the wrong order - Hmmmm will have to work on that. Anyway, just got a "bit" of fabric while I was in Bismarck - and my GF and I started on a "Zig Zag" quilt...just to see how we liked it !....LOL

So...not must of interest to report....guess I will get busy.

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