Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day 2010

I just can't believe that is was 40 years ago today that they proclaimed "Earth Day". I remember thinking that was just so recycle and reuse items and to be friendly to the earth.... We "recycled" in our family when I was a very young child.... my Grandmother was very good to reuse and save things.......or maybe it was just that she never threw anything away. But I do know that we did reuse many of those things that others threw I am good with it.

What do you do to "be green".....??.......Do you recycle ?? is so easy I hope that everyone makes it a priority to recycle and reuse and be kind to our earth....Think about all the abuse that man has done to our earth....and if we hope to have a green and healthy earth for our grandchildren to grow up in we better ALL get serious about taking care of this earth and not abuse all it has to offer.

Again my motto is.......: "Use it up, wear it out, make it do.........or do without."


  1. Hey, I love earth day and what it strives to do. It's a shame more people don't get involved because even if it's a little thing it will help. You know we have a long list of pledges made for the year most of which we already do.

    I love the fabric on the next posting... awesome colors! Oh yeah I want to know why Pumpkin is at your house looking out your door? lol From the back it looks just like him.

    I better get this girl moving so we can make her hair appointment on time. Oh Prom.... and it's the last one for her..... I want to cry...... ok, I probably will before the day is over. Take Care :)

  2. My wife makes me recycle a lot. Which is a good thing. :)