Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday, January 13, 2017

(He really does have ears)...... Sitting in bed the other night working on my New Wave Crochet afghan... and I always have help.
Been very cold the last couple days..... last night I picked up hubby at the airport and it was -24 at 11pm... and poor guy came home with a horrible head cold... so he is feeling under the weather.  I made him chicken soup and hot lemonade... he feels a bit better tonight.  Now I hope I don't get it.

The weather man says it will warm up in the next couple days.  Maybe 30 ABOVE !!!
But I would rather have the cold temps than ICE.... I hear them talking on the weather channel about the impending ice storm further south..... YUCK.... Ice is the worst !

My tea is ready so think I will have to cup and hit the recliner for the evening.
Stay warm and stay safe.

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