Thursday, December 15, 2011

Almost Christmas

Can somebody tell me how the last two months have just flown by ???? Where does the time go ??? And now Christmas is upon us and I really, really way behind. I had all these plans for decorating, making gifts, enjoying the music and getting all this and more done. And.....well, I got out a Christmas coffee cup - guess that will have to do.

We have been very busy at work - which is good.......But I hear that lots of other people are not quite ready for Christmas either. Tomorrow I am going to sit and sew with friends at the quilt shop. We all bring treats to share and do a little game and gift exchange and sew and visit. That will be a fun Christmas celebration, just enjoying the company of friends.

See that bare snow here in eastern North Dakota.

We have really had wonderful fall weather........dry.........and above normal temps. Today was cold and windy........but still not more than just a smidgen of snow. So...winter is already a good 2 months shorter this year. Yeah !!! ........I will take that.

We have had many sunny warm days........ the other day I even had the window open for a little while. case I don't get back to my blog...........I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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