Thursday, January 27, 2011

We are excited !!!

Hello - it is Thursday, January 27........... and I have to tell you how excited we get on a day like this !! See my deck !! .......all the snow is gone..... it is MELTING !!.... I was out scraping off the deck in my t-shirt !!....really I was !! There was nobody home to take my you will have to believe me and see my clean deck.

I got the steps cleaned off too! Now I can go up and down the steps. Then if you look to the lower will see that is about a foot deep in snow......not melting enough to tackle that. And the yard is full of snow......and that will be there for a long time. Yesterday was great too !! But I was working inside and didn't get a chance to be out in it.

I really should tackle the front and the driveway a bit the sun is going behind the clouds.. But ......just getting deck cleared off was a thrill !! Only in North Dakota do we get excited about 31 degrees and sun in January ! Guess that was our January thaw.

See - WATER... not ice !

Here is my proof of the mild temps today.................but alas it is short cold weather will return for the weekend........ Oh well..........a little spring will keep us going through the next cold spell......and then I can stay in and sew all weekend.

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  1. Oh yes, we do love our thaw!! Unfortunately it means ice at night and in the early morning. I almost went sideways a couple of times while shopping in Bismarck yesterday....without a coat, such a luxury :0)