Monday, January 24, 2011

January 24th........

This is a picture of is a ground beef - vegetable dish made with curry. It is so colorful and fresh spoon it over cooked rice.... Very good on a cold winter night. A quilt block I made for a block exchange that I belong to.
How did that bird get in here ???............This is my little bluebird who lives in my sewing room and comes out to tease the cats now and then.

We are still quite cold here in North Dakota...... Can I please just stay inside for the next 2 months? - I am beginning to understand why people from this area become "Snow birds" and head south. Even a couple weeks would be great to thaw out and just enjoy a little bit of warm.

BUT on the other hand this is great weather for quilting and knitting and those activities that "some of us" have ample supplies to just putter around and work on different projects.
Speaking of quilting............I better get back to work.
...........stay warm.

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