Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy February !

Well friends - I have to puff out my chest and show off my first big quilt that is finished and hanging in the quilt shop where I work !!..... I am so excited !! I love how it turned out.
This is a quilt made with the "Twister Tool" - the large is fun and quick to make large quilt blocks. ok...that is my sales pitch ! LOL
Here you can see the "prairie points" that I put in the bottom right corner and they are also in the upper left corner. (That was my addition to the quilt pattern) I taught my first classes yesterday at the shop.....I was nervous - but it was good and I had great students. I think they enjoyed the class and learned how to use the "Little Twister tool "...

The pink and chocolate runner on the right of this picture is using that little tool.......
Sorry......I get to talking about quilting and I get a bit excited and want to tell you all about it !

see the interlocking pinwheels?
Here is an apron made from a tea towel and decorated with pinwheels.....

ok.....enough of the sewing lesson for today !
We have much warmer weather after the fall in the deep freeze the last few days.......after that melt I showed you the last post....... It was just too brain froze and I could not post anything.
Back to the quilt shop today...... I have a long day today....we have "sewers" who come and sew for the day and evening...
I hope you all have a good weekend !..............Enjoy the Superbowl if you like that sort of thing....I can tell you I will NOT be watching football .....hopefully I can find a hockey game on TV.......or I have my favorite shows on the DVR to watch while I -..........SEW..........what else !!.


  1. Yep, you sound like you had a lot of fun making that quilt. I love your prairie point addition, makes look kinda 50ish :0)


  2. The quilt turned out beautiful. Love that pink and chocolate combo.

  3. Awesome Job! It's beautiful! I also like the teatowel apron. Take Care :)