Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday March 15

Well, here we go again....... flooding again. All up and down the Red River Valley it is spring and the second year in a row that we are fighting major flooding. Things are really starting to ramp up and building of clay dikes in Fargo/Moorhead and sandbagging in town for those houses along the river and around the counties. Harwood is starting to fill sandbags tonight. Our little town here is very well organized and over the years esp. since '97 our city leaders have dikes in place, and know what we need to do.

I will ramble on here instead of boring my friends on FB and email with my flood talk. I think it just helps to write things down and that helps relieve the stress of this whole situation.

For us personally.......we just need to watch our sump pump and hope we don't lost electricity here and other than that we should be fine. We are in the middle of for us to "flood"...the whole town of Harwood would be gone.

Those of you that are not familiar with the Red River is VERY FLAT here and "years ago"...not sure how many.....LOL...... this was the bottom of Lake Aggasiz. With the last couple years our fall season has been very wet so the ground is saturated and can't take the spring snow melt.....thus........we flood. Last year "Spring of 2009" we had record floods up and down the valley... and the city of Fargo was way too close to being like Grand Forks in 1997.
I am so proud of our cities thru the valley working to fight these floods and keeping us all as safe as possible.

As for me......... I have to keep busy or I tend to "fret a bit" so this year..... I am working on my projects ! My basement project and my UFO sewing/quilting projects.

Guess I will have my oatmeal and get started !

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