Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year !

Happy New Year ! - a few days late. This nursing duty takes up LOTS of time. But Jeff is getting better every day. Today we have a couple Dr. appts. First one done and the next in a couple hours.
And just as we are getting some snow piles hauled off the lots and streets they are predicting another snow "event" coming tomorrow. We could get another 5+ inches. Something I am not looking forward to.
I have to get on schedule with my de-cluttering. Have been watching "Hoarders" on TV - wow...those are some extreme cases. I know they exsist and I just pray that I will never become one of those. I really like my stuff...... and I like stuff around me.... but I wish I had less... and the only way I am going to get there is to get rid of stuff !.. Jeff said the other day - "Lets get rid of all our stuff and buy a place on the beach." Not a bad idea.....something to work for. (well, not get rid of ALL my stuff. Once I get rid of a good deal of "stuff" I am going to have an organizer come in and help me with some storage ideas and finishing the garage... that is one thing I really want to do for Jeff.... I want it done by August 27th. Now that I have written that down..... and published it...... I have to make it happen. So, first I will have to empty it out.... have the walls taped and textured......epoxy the floor..... and then install storage systems and hangers and have a place for everything.
My other project is to put up LOTS of items on Craig's list..... I have some good stuff too ~~! it is not all junk. I want to sell many items and with that I can pay for the garage. Sounds like a good plan doesn't it ??...

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