Thursday, January 21, 2010

Another Thursday

Another Thursday !... I spent last weekend at the quilting retreat - and we had a wonderful time!... I even got some sewing done !! Still working on a BOM (block of the month) that a girlfriend and I have vowed to finish this year. We are now on block #7. Working on my UFO list will keep me busy this I am not promising to finish all the UFOs on the list....but saying that I am going to work on them. It is also ok to add projects to the list as we go thru the year. it keeps growing. Now mind you, there are some quilters that have NO UFO list- they are so disciplined that they actally finish each project before they start another ! Can you believe that ~!

And here in North Dakota we are awaiting another "snow event".....they are calling it a snowstorm...with possible freezing rain and snow......I don't want anymore snow ! That is going to interfere with the hockey games this weekend. Don't mess with my hockey games!

So it goes........ I might be spending the weekend inside sewing.
Have a great day!

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