Thursday, December 15, 2016

A cold December day............

It is a cold December day here in eastern North Dakota........   I look at this picture and I just can't imagine living in a little house like that on the vast Montana hills and prairie....  This is a picture of my Grandparents homestead..20 miles north of Wibaux, Montana.  My father was 3 years old when they left the Red River Valley and headed west.  That would have been about 1910 I believe.  It is hard to see on this picture, but there is a pair of wooden skis leaning up against the house.

This painting was done by a friend of my father's, Norm Selberg, from Fargo.  He did this from a little photograph about 3 inches square...   This was one of my dad's prized possessions......and it is very dear to me.  All the stories my grandparents and my father told me about growing up about living "north of Wibaux".

Those must have been very tough times.... but they did it, they got through it and many stories were told over the years...

My parents and grandparents are gone now.... but I will remember so  many of those stories they told.

Merry Christmas

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