Saturday, November 19, 2016

November 19...... Saturday night

Last night we got our first snow........ we didn't get much here......but enough to let us know that winter is coming.

The dogs remembered what snow was.....they scratched on the deck and ran around in the yard.  But didn't take long till they got cold and wanted back in.
I have been drinking hot tea in the evenings.....just need something warm I guess.  I got out my special Christmas mug.
I am busy sewing some pot holders and knitting dishcloths.. I will have pics of those soon. 
I hope everyone is making Thanksgiving plans....... we will go to our daughter's and have dinner with them.... I hope all the boys will be there !  They are so busy we don't get to see them much.
Do you have plans for shopping on Black Friday ?......... Not me... I am not fond of the crowds of people....and I am not much for shopping like that.  I pretty much have my Christmas gifts decided and they won't be coming from the mall.

Who is making their Christmas gifts ?......well, mine will probably not be home-made this year. 
One thing I am going to do in the New Year is keep up much better with my blog.  So......I may surprise you and be boring you with my blogging.    If you read my blog....please leave me a comment.....otherwise I don't know if anyone is reading this or not......
Thanks, and a Happy Thanksgiving to you all !

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