Thursday, September 5, 2013

September 5th..........I hope summer is not over.

Hello ---------- I have been a bit absent, busy with life and work. 
This is my latest quilt.  The quilt is named "Tiger Lily"....and the designer made it and named it after HER cat named Tiger I just had to make it.  I love it !!  It was really fun to make and we have sold LOTS of patterns since we hung it up at the shop to show.  ( Now I will have to make a quilt and name it after each one of my the designer did)........Right now I am working on a Halloween quilt and a Christmas quilt.  I hope to show you those very soon.
August 24th - 28th I was in St. Louis, MO attending Babylock Tech.  This was the second time I have attended the training in St. Louis. 
The conference is right downtown across the street from The Arch.  What  a beautiful landmark.  Also out the hotel window we could see the baseball stadium   There were games  all 4 nights we were there.  It was fun to watch all the fans in their RED shirts heading to the stadium. We could see the stands and see NOTHING but red shirts.  It is fun to see the fans support their team.
We drove to St. Louis and of course, we could not drive all that way without stopping to "rest" at a few quilt shops along the way.  It is always fun to see other shops and their samples and see what they are doing.  And I got to stop at my favorite travel destination quilt shop......Country Threads in Garner Iowa.  I was just there in July, but it was fun to go back again.  Thanks Mary for the tour and visiting with us !!
Well, now I better get back to work.  Going to call the insurance company and have them come out ......our roof got some damage from the hail storm while I was gone.....also got a broken window and spots on the know it is going to be a process.....but isn't that what you have insurance for ????.......
I hope you all had a nice Labor Day weekend........hope you got to rest and relax.  We did spend a couple days at the lake.........I am hoping for nice weekends in September so I can get a few more lake days in.  Have to cut grass and do laundry this weekend. 

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