Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Rollie has been to the hospital

On Tuesday, April 9, Rollie went to the hospital to have that little lump we have a few days of recovery now.  He doesn't like wearing the cone - thinks he can't walk around with it when you put it on him - he just lays down.  Poor guy - he can't get into his kennel with the cone on we had to let him sleep on the floor.
Not sure how this is going to work with us both going to work.......and he is left home with his cone on.  We will see how it goes.

Snow and blizzard conditions not too far south of us.......this winter is hanging on and on.  Now they are saying more snow tomorrow in Ottertail County in that means longer till spring at the lake cabin.  I hope this doesn't mean a very short summer....if we blink it will be fall and winter again.  Something should change here soon........don't you think ?


  1. Ohhhh poor poor Rollie, he looks soooo sad!! I hope he figures out he can walk with it on soon.


  2. Oh poor Rollie, I hope the cone comes off soon.

  3. Bless him... he does look like he has no adequate explanation for the cat!